Beyoncé Takes Over Saturday Night TV: What I Learned


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MTV Buzzworthy called it B’Night. That’s exactly what it was for me.

150 minutes of my life I will never get back, spent watching Beyoncé on Saturday night prime-time TV. And I enjoyed every second of it.

Until last night, the inner workings of Beyoncé’s life were pretty much a mystery. Fans, for so many years, have had to put the pieces together, based on what the media fed them–and what little Mrs. Carter would let them know.

That’s why “Oprah’s Next Chapter” on OWN to “Life Is But A Dream” on HBO were so monumental. The entertainer, mother and fashion icon the world has fallen in love with, finally fed our curiosity.

Here’s what the PR girl and pop-culture fan in me learned:

  1. The making of “Life Is But A Dream” was life changing for Beyoncé. “This documentary healed me from so many things,” she said.
  2. In the moments before Beyoncé gave birth to Blue Ivy, she was wearing rollers–and a hair net.
  3. Her decision to drop her father as a manager was one she contemplated for a few years. She finally made that call in March 2011 and took over management of her own career.
  4. Beyoncé on fashion: “I love things that are tasteful but that kinda push the envelope.”
  5. Blue Ivy is quite a personality at 13 months old. She loves books, has her own book club and likes flash cards. “She is hilarious and she is fire,” says mom, Beyoncé.
  6. Occasionally, Beyoncé does her own hair. [Read: Chops her own tresses with humongous scissors.]
  7. Beyoncé on business: You can be kind and be strong. Business and polite don’t match.
  8. There was no official full rehearsal for the singer’s head-turning 2011 Billboard Awards performance of “Run The World (Girls).” Incredible.
  9. The singer is thinking about having another child after she wraps up the upcoming tour.
  10. Beyoncé on life: It always works out.

Missed out?

Watch the full video of “Life Is But A Dream” below.

Watch the full video of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” below.

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