Five Fab Must-Haves for Fun in The Kitchen


There’s no argument. Cupcakes are the dessert du jour.

Cupcake shops and businesses seem to be popping up everywhere. From the strip mall in my hometown on the South of Barbados to the bustling streets of Georgetown in Washington, DC, let’s just say the whole world has gone cupcake crazy.

On Friday, out of the blue, I ventured into Georgetown Cupcake on the corner of 33rd and M Streets. A hot spot, no doubt, because it was founded by the stars of TLC’s “DC Cupcake.”

As usual, the line snaked through the shop but service was quick. After I sat to indulge in my vanilla² goodies, I spotted the flyest pink bedazzled stand mixer sitting atop a shelf.

And there began the inspiration for today’s post: things that make baking completely appealing–even for people who suck at it.

From blinged-out appliances to sparkly, edible goodies and kitchen fashion, here are my five picks for making domestic work fun and fabulous again.

1. Statement-making baking cups

Trendy baking cups

Sure, cupcakes are trendy.

But there’s nothing like a playful baking cup to add personality.

From stripes to polka dots to florals and brights, there seems to be no end in options.

I fell in love with the super-trendy selections at Michael’s and Wilton.

2. Square cupcake baking pans 

Square Cupcakes

Anything out of the box usually catches my attention. So the idea of square cupcakes totally did it for me.

Of course, making a square cupcake means you’ve got to buy the pans and the baking cups that go along with it.

And why not?

I found a set of 60 cups over at Bake It Pretty for $5.50. Shop the pans at

3. Edible accents


I’m no fan of baking but I couldn’t help ooh-ing and aah-ing as I browned Wilton’s website.

The site features edible sugar pearls, glitter and sparkles and DIY guides on how to create fab cakes. It’s where stylish and yummy intersect.

Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to try. One day.

For you braver souls, click here to shop.

4. Embellished and customized stand mixers

Kitchenaid Snow Leopard Stand Mixer

Who says there’s no room in the kitchen for our favorite fashion prints?

Kitchenaid allows us to order customized stand mixers in a range of hand-painted designs with leopard and zebra patterns.

To see more like these, visit

Also, head over to for more tricked out appliances.

5. Attention-getting aprons and accessories

Polka dot aprons

If you’re gonna make trendy goodies such as cupcakes, you might as well look on trend while doing it.

Enter Jessie Steele vintage aprons and kitchen accessories.

These signature pieces are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen–and are an inspiration for me to get into the kitchen.

What more is there to love about them? Jessie Steele is a startup, launched in 2002, and run by a mother-daughter team. Amazing!

Shop here.

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