H&M Wants Your Old Clothes!


I first heard that H&M was taking its sustainability efforts to a new level from The Frugalista.

“Take your unwanted clothing to H&M and you’ll get a discount on your purchase” was the main message. When I first heard about it, I struggled to figure out how the process would work.

Now, just in time for Spring cleaning, the retailer has clarified.

And after seeing the collection bins at my local H&M yesterday, I’m ready to haul my old, unwanted clothes over to my local store. As a PR girl, I love them even more for this image-changing initiative.

So how exactly does it work, you’re wondering?

Here’s what you need to know.

  • 95% of the textiles that end up in landfills can be recycled.
  • H&M wants to make a difference by helping reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.
  • All H&M stores are offering collection services. Find your local store at hm.com/longlivefashion.
  • Contributed clothing doesn’t need to be H&M. All brands are welcome.
  • Each customer can bring up to two shopping bags of clothing per day.
  • You get 15% off any single item of your choice for each bag of clothing you donate. Only one voucher per purchase is allowed.
  • H&M will not profit from returned garments.
  • After you return your clothing, H&M hands them over to I:CO, a company that ensures raw materials from collected textiles go back into the production cycle.

There’s no word yet on how long the sustainability program will run.

But while it lasts, are you ready to echo H&M’s mantra of “Rewear. Reuse . Recycle.”?

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