Ask An Expert: Six Fab Home Décor Trends


Everyone knows I’m big on fashion and beauty trends. But when it comes to décor, I turn to the experts.

My friend Dernell is a bona fide interior designer and owns a startup, Francilia Interiors.

I couldn’t think of a better person to dish on today’s top six home décor trends. 


What’s a trendy way to take a room from drab to glam?

Anything metallic can add a touch of glam to a room. Gold is all the rage for 2013 but its sisters bronze and silver run a close second. This season, metallics are great for bringing opulence to a space. If you’re working with a small room, try a metallic side table for a lighter feel.


Image: Threshold Brass Accent Table, Target. $59.99


DIY looks and thrifting are huge trends in fashion right now. Are you seeing the same thing in home décor?

Definitely! Vintage furniture is easy to find with so many garage sales, flea markets and grandmas. Whether an office desk, commode or chair, repurposed furniture helps add character and sophistication. Use vintage pieces in their worn glory or repaint them in a fun colour. Repainted old industrial file cabinets are also very trendy right now and add a modern vibe to spaces.


Image: Live. Like. You. Blog. Furniture makeover feature.


What advice do you have for people like me who are occupying a space temporarily but still want to make it feel trendy and homy?

Artwork is a great non-permanent way to liven up any space and can help pull a color scheme together. Whether you’re a fan of classic art, abstract art, photography, drawings or prints, you are likely to find an option that works well. For an on-trend look, select pieces with geometric shapes. I recommend sites like Etsy for statement pieces. Or you may even want to get creative and make your own.


Image: ErinKDoyle’s store on, $65.00


Any advice for the entertaining crowd? What’s a good way to wow house guests?

White crockery, vases and sculptures help simplify and bring freshness to a space. But they don’t have to be boring! Jonathan Adler has a great line of trendy, quirky serve ware and dinnerware, which can also make stunning centerpieces.  They also work beautifully to add contrast against an accent walls. If you want to wow and entertain with elegance, white crockery is a sure bet.


Image: Jonathan Adler muse collection pitcher and bowl. Various prices.


Black and white is trending in stores and on runways. How can we include this trend at home?

There isn’t a color combo as timeless, classy and fabulous as black and white. From stripes to zebra print to cool tribal prints, black and white works great with any color scheme. For an affordable, chic touch, go with black-and-white cushions to add pizzazz to your sofa or other seating. In addition, the chevron (zigzag), looks great on floors and adds great dimension.


Image: MADE


Small space, smaller budget, limited creativity. What’s a girl to do?

Go shopping for mirrors! Mirrors are ideal for small spaces. They reflect light and can give the illusion of having another window. Plus, they’re very trendy right now. Hang full-length mirrors behind side tables, at the end of a short hallway and in your bathroom. If you’re a DIY kind of person, spruce up an inexpensive mirror with some molding or hang two or three behind your sofa. Mirrors help create a wow factor when you aren’t really sure what else to do with your décor.



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