So You’re Single, Childless and Hating It?!


I am almost 30. And single.  And childless.


And no, I’m not even close to being married.

Recently, a few concerned people in my life have, more frequently than usual, been suggesting things I should do to increase my chances of being betrothed.

“You should try going out with [insert other ethnicity here] guys.”

“Have you considered online dating?”

“You seriously need to pray about this.”
With all the recommendations and expressions of concern, it’s hard not to overthink your alone-ness at times.

But last week I had an epiphany. And I’ve got my cousin Danielle to thank for that.

She shared this post on her Facebook page and, in an instant, it put a lot into perspective for me.

Am I excited about one day having a mini-me romping around my house? Sure!

And aren’t I thrilled by the thought of being able to wake up next to the man of my dreams every. single. day? Indeed!

But let’s be honest, this “delay” presents amazing opportunities: to make gutsy career decisions, to travel and experience the world, and to live spontaneously.

What’s more, I get to use this time to become  a better me and work on mommy/wife things like patience and compromise and utter selflessness.

Hopefully, all my unmarried, non-mother girls reading this will see the brighter side of their singleness, too. Enjoy the bliss of bathroom alone-time while it lasts!

Main Image // Photo Credit:  aleske via Compfight cc

One thought on “So You’re Single, Childless and Hating It?!

  1. So very true. Wife and mommy-dom are awesome but I’m glad I waited and had time to study and travel and party and just do me before I got down to focusing on my mini-me. (Well mini-he since my LO looks everything like my husband). And as for your cousin’s post – I cackled! Looka my life. My daughter bangs on my bathroom door and then busts in same time, like the Task Force or something. No. privacy. It’s a concept.


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