I’ve Been Drinking: Healthy Alternatives to Soda

fruit-infused water

I’m not much of a soda fan. But there are some days when I have this out-of-the-blue, overwhelming craving for something super-sweet and fizzy.

I even have a stash of mini cans of Coca Cola in my fridge to support this horrible habit.

Thankfully, I recently discovered a healthy alternative to soda that should put an end to my sugary shenanigans.

It’s fruit-infused water. By popping my favorite fruits into a bottle of sparkling water, I am able to satisfy my soda craving in a healthy way. It’s delicious!

And if you’re not on the go as much as I am, you can also create a full pitcher to enjoy with your household or when you’re entertaining.

I found some fun recipes, featuring all kinds of fruity combos, which I’m excited to share with you.

If you try a combo that’s especially delicious, feel free to make a recommendation in the comments.

Cheers to healthy living!

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