Hello, 2015!

Taking a leap of faith

At the beginning of 2014, I wrote about the things I wanted to achieve in the coming year.

Today, as I look back on the past 364 days, I am thankful that I’ve made progress on most of them.

I watched my words; went on a “designer” diet; paid attention to fitness; spent much more time in the kitchen; and paid more attention to my attitude. It was a year of many challenges but also positive changes in my life; and I feel blessed to have seen the results.

Today, I’m preparing to take a leap of faith into 2015, to take more steps toward becoming a phenomenal woman–on the inside and outside.

My prayer, for you and for me, is that this will be a year of personal progress, extraordinary blessings, big breakthroughs, and major moves.

Thank you all for reading!

Love and light,


Makeup: Beauty by Brandie

Photos: The Morgan Media // Instagram: @themorganmedia // Facebook: The Morgan Photo

Hair: Stacy Stuart Lifestyle

Dress: Lulu*s

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