Things You Should Know Before You Cut Your Hair: My Pixie Experience

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It was the day before Christmas Eve and I’d just wrapped up a lunchtime meeting in Barbados.

I’d hardly moved out of my parking space, when I picked up my phone and placed a call I’d been wanting to make for a very long time.

“I’m coming to get my hair cut,” I said to my hairstylist Stacy, now on the line.

Impolite in retrospect, I didn’t even ask if she had room in her schedule. After more than a year of contemplating and entertaining way too many opinions on the subject, I was determined to get my hair cut that day. And I did.

In the six weeks following the chop, there are a few things I’ve had to re-learn about having a pixie cut. It’s been fun and adventure-filled!

If you’re thinking about going short and want to make an informed decision, I’m writing this blog post for you.

1. Short Hair Doesn’t Mean Shorter Salon Visits

Pixie cut advice for women of color 5

If you think having shorter hair means getting in and out of the salon more quickly or making fewer visits, think again. A pixie cut calls for precision and plenty attention to detail. Particularly if you’re a person of color, you might end up spending more time at the salon than you did with your long tresses–but it’s oh so necessary and worth it.

2. Makeup Matters…and Grooming, too!

pixie cut advice for women of color 3

When you cut your hair, it opens up your face. It puts your features out there. You might even feel a little exposed. More than ever, people will notice if your eyebrows haven’t been groomed or if your makeup isn’t applied just right. Pimples appear more prominent. So with a short cut, pay more attention to your beauty routine and please, don’t falter with your grooming.

3. Short Cuts Can be Very Versatile

Pixie cut advice for woman of color 1

Contrary to popular belief, short hair can be versatile. A pixie cut well done presents many possibilities. You might not be able to rock a ponytail or an ethereal braid, but you’ll have fun all the same. I’ve been able to play with curl patterns: switching from pompadours to slick “boyish” looks to tamed business-appropriate styles in a pinch. With the right tools and product, you’ll pack serious pixie power.

4. Accessorizing is Everything

Imagine the horror when I realized that 50% of my accessories collection didn’t work with short hair. For example, large hoop earrings make my face look rounder and tiny studs are my new faves. Statement necklaces seem to wow more than the subtle, single-strand pieces I wore with a bob. The frames you once thought were so fly might even let you down. What am I saying? Prepare to gift your friends with pieces from your collection–and to invest in a few new accessories when you begin your short hair journey.

5. Everyone Will Have An Opinion…Be Happy with Your Decision

pixie cut advice for women of color 7

After you cut your hair, you’ll get lots of comments–or no comments at all. As predicted, my debut was received with mixed reviews.

“You cut your hair!” (Me: Duh.)

“Were you wearing a weave all this time?!”

“Oh. My. God. What did you do?!” ”

“Sue is back! Best thing you’ve ever done!”

Here’s the thing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Some will voice it respectfully and in a good spirit. Others? Not so much. So not only will the decision to cut your hair call for tweaks to your beauty routine and closet, it will also demand confidence, resolve and tolerance for all the crazy comments. With all these things in tow (and an amazing stylist!) you’ll be on your way to pixie perfection.

One thought on “Things You Should Know Before You Cut Your Hair: My Pixie Experience

  1. I was about to grow mine again… But you’ve made me want to keep it short a little longer :). Very true on the accessories and especially confidence! If you can’t be confident with a pixie, the style is lost. I also always make sure my eyebrows are done if nothing else is, framing is everything!


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