In the Kitchen: Easy, Healthy Meal Ideas


For most of Summer, I’ve been doing horrible things to my body.

I’ve stuffed it with way too much sugar and bad carbs and fats, and starved it of the water and fresh fruit and vegetables it had grown accustomed to.

During a recent fitness assessment, the scale and tape measure validated my worst fears: I’d been piling on pounds and adding inches faster than I thought.

So in a quest to take better care of my temple, I’m back in the kitchen—skipping eating out when I can and taking control of my portions.

Here are five foods that are helping me look better and feel better, and which are oh so easy to include in my daily diet.



Two bars of Weetabix swimming in almond milk is now my breakfast go-to, and it’s ready in under a minute. Wholegrain and high in fibre and protein, Weetabix steer me away from the colorful, super-sweet cereals that aren’t so good for me. What’s more, they keep me feeling full throughout the day.



This veggie isn’t only refreshing but it’s also low in calories and versatile. It’s an easy, quick throw-in for snacks and salads, and makes a great pickle when combined with hot peppers, lemon and herbs. Here, I paired it with wholegrain crackers and a spicy cheddar cheese dip (already prepared) for an evening snack.



I’m an avocado addict and love that they’re so plentiful in Barbados, in many varieties. They pair beautifully with cucumbers, add creamy goodness to smoothies, and are great, easy toppers for salads, sandwiches, burgers—and pretty much any meal. Plus, they’re super easy to peel and slice.



Speaking of smoothies, I can’t believe I slipped on my smoothies this Summer! But I’m back now, experimenting and enjoying them again. My new favorite kind is packed with berries and citrus for a kick. It takes just about five minutes to chop and dice the fruit, and about one minute to blend. Here’s a tip: do all the chopping and freezing ahead of time to save time. (more smoothie-making tips)



During my vegan and vegetarian days, I couldn’t stand the taste of eggs. But now I know they’re great for packing on muscle, I’m finding ways to add them to my diet. I typically boil a bunch at once, refrigerate and reheat for breakfast or a snack. On weekends, when I have more time, I whip them into veggie omelets and include my favorite cheese.

Do you have healthy faves you’d like to add to this list? Leave your recommendations in the comments. I’d love to hear more!

For more food fun, follow my #sueinthekitch hashtag on Instagram.

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