Embracing What’s New (and Blue!) – Style Tips Inside


When the Top 10 Colors for Spring 2016 were announced, I thought they were beautiful. But I was also 100% sure I wouldn’t be wearing many of them. You see, I’m more of a “neutral girl” with an addiction to black, white and grey. Buying bright colors requires a lot of effort from me. 

But one day, while waiting around for a friend in H&M, I spotted an off-the-shoulder top that was the perfect find.


It was 100% cotton ✔

It was part of the H&M Conscious collection ✔

It was under $15 ✔

And its color was a calming Serenity Blue, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2016.

That single top inspired a series of bolder fashion choices for Spring/Summer—including snorkel-blue heels and sunnies. They were the perfect complement to a purse I owned in the same color (a gift) that I had been timidly working into my wardrobe.


And it got me to thinking about how I really should approach my personal style:

  • Always be open to trying new things.
  • Experiment and explore, especially if the risk is low.  (for example: a top under $15)
  • Be deliberate about enjoying your new things.

It’s weird how style is a little like life too. Every now and then, you’ve got to forget what’s familiar and embrace something new. One adventurous choice could lead to somewhere or someone wonderful. And wouldn’t that be great?

Credits for this post: Photos – Kyle Babb; Makeup: Beauty by Brandie; Photo Assistant – Jamie Black; Best Friend in Charge – Shari Bradshaw. Location: Hunte’s Gardens, Barbados 

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