Easy Entertaining Ideas to Try Right Now


I love having people over. But when it’s at a moment’s notice, things can get dicy.

So many thoughts swirl through my head:
Will I be able to tidy all of this before they get here?
Do I have drinks chilled?
Will I have enough ice?
What will they eat?
How can I fit this into my budget?


Finally, I’m learning how to entertain in a pinch, in a way that’s pocket-friendly. And that’s what this post is all about: some of the things I have collected to make last-minute entertaining look effortless, and where you can get them. I hope you’ll be inspired.

Mason jars and canisters

I can’t live without mason jars and canisters. I think they make everything look chic! They work great for presenting candy, condiments and beverages. They’re also a cool alternative to flower vases.

Where in Barbados: Carter’s, Dwellings, Walker’s World
Where online: Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, World Maket

A cake stand

My three-tier cake stand is one of the best serveware investments I have ever made. And it didn’t break the bank. Have I used it for displaying cake? Once. Instead, it’s been my go-to for serving everything from sandwiches to crudités. I love the height and dimension it adds to my spreads.

Where in Barbados: Do it Best Home Centre
Where online: Target, Wayfair

Fresh flowers


I knew I was adulting (yes, this is a thing) when I first started buying fresh flowers. I love how they brighten any space. Even if it’s a bunch of bougainvillea you grab from your neighborhood hedges, flowers will make you look like the hostess with the mostest.

Where in Barbados: Hastings Flower Mart (for the most beautiful imported blooms)

Bamboo skewers

If you don’t have fancy serving utensils and, most of all, don’t want to wash up, skewers are a godsend. Whatever I put on them seems to wow my guests–from fishcakes to fruit to macarons to veggies.

Where in Barbados: Direct Packaging, most grocery and home stores
Where online: Amazon, grocery and home stores


Just like bamboo skewers, toothpicks are great for serving bite-size snacks. They’re also wonderful tools for adding decorative touches to food. Cupcake and sandwich toppers are a current favorite of mine. Click here for DIY instructions.

Pitchers and bottles

Serving beverages in the bottles they come in is expected. To switch things up a bit, I transfer juices, soda and water to pitchers or swing-top bottles. I especially love the latter because they add vintage va-va-voom. For an even nicer touch, add a label to the bottle.

Where in Barbados: Dwellings, Price Smart
Where online: Amazon, Target, Walmart

What are some of your must-haves for entertaining? Drop a comment below to share. I’d love to swap ideas.

Above: a quick lunch snack spread.
Chive, cheese and cucumber sandwiches // Green Monkey Chocolatier macarons on skewers // Coconut, ginger iced tea in a swing-top bottle // Tulips from Hastings Flower Mart

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