Update: Slow Seven Challenge


It’s been four days since I started the Slow Seven Challenge. And what an adventure it has been!

I have had mostly meals of seasonal fruits and veggies available in Barbados. Well, mostly avocado, really. Because I just can’t get enough of it.

All of my breakfast meals have included avocado.

slow_seven_challenge_barbados-avocado-toast_webLocal avocado on whole grain toast, topped with Caribbean Treats Bajan Guava Jam and cracked black pepper. Oh, with plantains on the side. Weird combo, I know. But it was tasty!

slow_seven_challenge_barbados-avocado_eggs_tomato_webOnion and herb scrambled eggs from a Barbadian farm, with local avocado and tomatoes.

Some of my best breakfast intentions have gone all wrong. For example, my vegan coconut pancakes—which quickly became coconut pops.


For some reason, whenever I tried to flip my pancakes, they broke apart in the pan, over and over and over again. They weren’t cooked right through either.


When I noticed the texture was perfect for rolling, I made molded them into balls, before baking at 400 degrees.


I slipped them on to lollipop sticks, and they made for the most perfect coconut pop nibbles.

For dinner, I’ve had just one homemade meal so far.

slow_seven_challenge_barbados-breadfruit_web“Breadfruit boats” (basically slow-baked breadfruit coated in olive oil) topped with Eden Organic garlic chives and kosher salt. I served it with pan-seared swordfish, which I got at my local fish market.

slow_seven_challenge_barbados-banana_bread_webThis entire experience has been so inspiring, I even baked banana bread. (And I never bake!). I made the bread with this recipe but used sweet potato flour instead. The bananas were a gift from my godmother, who lives in Barbados’ countryside.

slow_seven_challenge_barbados_sweet_potato_flour_webI was really delighted to find O’s Sweet Potato Flour on the supermarket shelf. It is gluten free and worked well in the banana bread.

Stay tuned for more updates! This is fun!

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