Fun with Bajan food on Independence Day!

Today, I woke up bursting with pride because Barbados, my homeland, is celebrating 50 years of Independence.

Of course, I took time to prepare and treat my friends and loved ones to a few Bajan delicacies–with a twist.

Baja bakes and mauby
Bajan bakes and maubyBajan conkies on a platter
Bajan conkies served with burlap ties

When I posted a photo of my fishcakes on my Instagram, I got questions about how to make the Barbados “flags” I served them with. I saved the template so I could share. Click to download the .pdf file.

Quick instructions: Cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, snip a “V” at the edges and glue to toothpicks along the fold of the flag.

Bajan fishcakes with toothpicks
Fishcakes served with DIY Barbados flags.

To all Barbadians, wherever you are, whatever you do, have a happy Independence Day!

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