Achieving work-life balance: Tips for go-getters

Sueann Tannis work life balance

This quick (and way overdue) post is dedicated to the go-getters, the goal-diggers and young, hardworking professionals.

I used to think that prioritizing work over my personal life was the only way to achieve my career goals. But recently, I concluded that I was wrong.

Long hours at the office; quick and inadequate lunches; copious amounts of caffeine; terrible sleeping patterns; and limited time to spend with the people you care about can leave you feeling miserable. Yes, you might be able to check more things off your to-do list but you get even grumpier with every item you complete.

Recently, I have been shifting my weekend focus to less work and more play. Essentially, I have been making room to do more of what matters.

Downtime on the South Coast of Barbados (Photo: Alyeah Tannis)

What matters? Trying new things matters. Discovering and honing new talents matters. Spending time with the people you care about? That matters. And your mental and physical health matter even more.

Bottom line is, if you want to feel fulfilled at work, you need to have a life outside it.

So get out there: take the trip, bake the cake, sign up for the class, shut the phone off, leave the laptop at the office, plan a girls’ night out.

My new weekend hobby: Perfecting cupcakes in the kitchen (Photo: Alyeah Tannis)

Worried that you will fall behind on your deadlines and to-do lists? Don’t be. Actually, the more you prioritize your personal life and the people in it, the more you will find creative ways to get things at work done in a way that is good for you.

Excitement and glee after finishing a batch of cupcakes (Photo: Alyeah Tannis)

Meditation Moment

If you already follow #mymorningmemo on Instagram, you probably saw this one, from a couple weeks back. I am sharing it here again because on manic days, it’s my go-to prayer and always makes me feel recharged and ready to take on any job.

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