Twenty things I wish I could do online in Barbados

sueann-tannis-blogger-digital-improvements-barbados.pngMore than two years ago, year-round warm weather and a new job were among the reasons why I decided to return to Barbados from America. I ignored criticisms that I was making a huge mistake by giving up a “better life” to return to “backward Barbados” (their words, not mine). And I am happy I did.

However, there is one thing I would like to change about my back-at-home experience. My 2018 wish is that we would use technology more to eliminate inconveniences and improve efficiency.

So friends, here is my list of 20 things I want to do online through companies and Government agencies in Barbados–but can’t.

  1. Renew my driver’s license
  2. Apply for, and renew, my passport
  3. Order, and pay for, groceries
  4. Book a service for my car
  5. Buy movie tickets
  6. Book a salon appointment
  7. Book a medical appointment
  8. Sign up to pay all my utility bills, and then
  9. Pay said bills with a credit / debit card
  10. Send payments to my friends and family
  11. Book, and pay for, visits to places of interest
  12. Change or update my address (at Government agencies and businesses)
  13. Register a business
  14. Report infrastructure issues (broken street lights, traffic lights, etc.)
  15. Report littering and illegal dumping
  16. Sign up, and pay for, gym memberships
  17. Securely access my health records
  18. View schedules for public services such as garbage pickup
  19. Get reliable information about opening hours
  20. Pay traffic fines (if I ever get one)

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if I ended this post without pointing out what I can do online. I am grateful that I can:

  1. book a spa appointment via Atera Boutique Spa.
  2. pay insurance premiums with a credit card, get a quote and review my policy (Thanks, CGI!)
  3. make restaurant reservations.
  4. buy tickets for most events thanks to services like TicketPal and Ready Ticket.
  5. order, and pay for, takeout meals
  6. shop for home décor (Take a bow, Dwellings and Walkers World!)

Now I know that some items on my wishlist require significant Government reforms and corporate projects to make them happen. Others call for small changes and innovations that can lead to big savings in time and money for both the service provider and the consumer/ citizen.

Here’s hoping the right people read this, and rise to the challenge of making 2018 a year of digital improvements for Barbados.

Thanks for reading! What would you add to either of these lists? Drop me a line in the comments section.

17 thoughts on “Twenty things I wish I could do online in Barbados

  1. I’m able to do 8, 9 and 10 here in Barbados, maybe check with your banking institutions and/or utility service providers to find out how you can as well? Nice article and best wishes for 2018! :)


  2. Girl this list is legit! Anything that falls under Barbados Revenue Authority should have the facility to be paid online. Going into any of their offices is unnecessary stress for both the customer and the employees. The ineffective and inefficient processes at government entities are just ridiculous – they ain’t working, have never been working and no one seems interested in actually getting them working.


  3. So true! I had the same experience when I returned home. Pay for bills online would be so much easier as well as booking appointments and being able to transfer money between different banks and what not. We really need to step up with technology!

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  4. You will be happy to learn that some progress is being made although much slower than we all would like! E.g. in Barbados right now you can pay your Land Tax online, as well as your NIS contributions ( self employed, or a company can as well). Hopefully many of the other items you mention should come on stream later in 2018! It’s really great when persons like yourself speak up and encourage our powers that be (from both public and private sectors) to modernise our services!!


  5. Weirdly enough you used to be able to so #3 aaaages ago when Massy was Super Centre. I know for sure my aunt in England used to order groceries to be sent to my grandparents so this is 2006 or earlier.

    #8, 9, 10 you can do here for sure. A lot of people don’t know that you can do third party fund transfers between different banks but it’s been in place since about late 2015. Made my life waaayyy easier!


  6. @Me, this is great news! Haven’t had much luck signing up and making utility bill payments by card online. If you’re open to it, please share a URL. I’d love to give it a whirl.


  7. @Jo-ann Thanks for the tip! Hoping they’ll soon move to accepting card payments and confirming other payments in real time to make it more seamless / convenient for the user.


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