Laser hair removal: Things you should know

Black woman in red dress with arms outstreteched

Before I settled on my favorites, much of my money went into testing personal care and beauty products until I found “the one”. A significant amount of that spend was also on must-have, recurring purchases such as acne-slaying skin products, shaving cream and costly razors. 

Recently, I’ve ditched the razors along with the bumps, ingrown hair and discoloration that can come along with shaving. My newfound love is laser hair removal, which has completely changed my life.

I know many people, as I did at first, have questions about the process, so I’ve decided to write a blog post to give you the key details.

Does it hurt?

In my opinion, laser hair removal is bearable. So bearable that sometimes I can enjoy a power nap during a treatment…but admittedly, I might be an exception! Here’s my best description: It feels like having a rubberband snapped against your skin, or like the quick, warm prick of a dull needle. If it’s a bit much, some treatment clinics like the Caribbean Dermatology and Laser Centre, where I’m a patient, use machines with a cooling device, which makes the treatment even more tolerable.

How long does the process take?

For an underarm treatment, I spend about 20 minutes per session with my technician. Treatments are every six to eight weeks. I started seeing results after my second visit, and achieved my silky-smooth, very hairless goal after my seventh treatment. Results vary based on hair type and growth cycle. During your consultation, bring this up in the conversation, so you will have a better idea of what to expect.

Black woman of color wears protective goggles at doctor's office
Getting ready for a treatment. Wearing protective goggles is necessary.

Does it really work?

It’s worked for me. I’ve treated my bikini area, underarms and annoying fuzzies on my face, and I’ve had noticeably good results. Remember, though, sticking to the schedule is super important and touch-up treatments may be necessary over time. 

Is it a high-maintenance treatment?

I wouldn’t call it high maintenance but there are some rules I’ve had to follow to get good results. For example, I’ve had to watch my sun exposure and remember to use sunblock. Also, in the two to three days after the treatment, I’ve had to avoid excessive sweating (no gym or saunas), swimming in a pool or at the beach, and hot showers. It’s a small price to pay for heavenly hairlessness :)

Is it worth the money?

Yes! Good news is, laser hair removal isn’t as costly as when it first became a “thing”. I did the math. Calculating what I spent on razors, refills, shaving cream, razor bump treatments and waxing, this one-time, for-a-lifetime investment is well worth it.

black woman in red dress

Costs vary by body part, so be sure to go over the numbers during your consultation.



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