About Me


Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Sueann Tannis. I work in public relations and I love fashion, style, music, and my country, Barbados.

In 2009, I created Sooo Fabulous! as an online source for fashion tips and tidbits.

Today, it’s more of a place where I post entries related to my favorite things and my inspirations.

I hope you’ll enjoy.

And more than anything else, stay fabulous!


Sueann xo

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there! I am Matthew, I run a manufacturing business in Singapore. My business name is Stylogue and I have a blog at http://stylogue.wordpress.com. I have read through your blog and I kinda like the contents that you are posting! I am currently looking for fashion blogs to add to my blogroll as my clients reading the blog like to source for fashion designs to aid them in their designing. I’m hoping that this would help me provide a large range of services to my clients. Is it possible for us to exchange links?

    Thank you!


  2. Hello, I just came across your blog this evening and have been ready bits and pieces. I like what I am reading. I am looking at other blogs that interest me and would interest my readers. I invite you to check out my blog and possible we can exchange links?


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