Beauty Buzz :: The Retro Cat Eye

Amy Winehouse may have exaggerated the look just a bit.

But if we’re honest, we’ll all admit that at some point in time, we’ve all wanted to master and audaciously rock the retro cat-eye look.

Thanks to Forever 21, we’ve got a neat little video giving step-by-step instructions.

What’s more, the soundtrack is amazingly groovy.

Watch and learn!


It’s A Winehouse / Fred Perry Combo

As time goes by, more details about Amy Winehouse’s reported stint as a fashion designer at coming to the fore. has hinted that the singer might be teaming up with British label Fred Perry.

SHE has stepped out of the line of paparazzi fire recently but after the annus horribilis that was 2008, word has it that Amy Winehouse is preparing to make a spectacular public comeback – as a fashion designer.

According to the tabloids, the Rehab singer let slip during a festive holiday that she is currently in negotiations with iconic British label Fred Perry and has already started sketching out a few of her ideas.

“She was almost childishly excited and couldn’t stop talking about it,” a source told The Sun.

She may have spent 2008 beset by personal problems but for some, a Winehouse foray into fashion could seem overdue; not only did her distinctive look dictate the styling of Karl Lagerfeld‘s Paris-LondresMetiers d’Art collection for Chanel in 2007 but Roberto Cavalli has previously declared her “a fashion icon because she is unique”, and London-based footwear designer Jonathan Kelsey created a stiletto, the Amy, in her honour – which she was promptly photographed wearing.

Leisa Barnett

A New Fashion Line from…Amy Winehouse?!

This better not be true.

I just hope to God it isn’t.

The fashion community online is buzzing about reported negotiations ongoing between Amy Winehouse and a fashion company.

Yahoo! Launch is just one of the sites talking about the singer’s apparent new career.

Winehouse to design fashion line?

(Sunday January 04, 2009 01:55 PM)

Singer Amy Winehouse is reportedly in negotiations with a British fashion label to design a clothing collection.

The Back to Black hitmaker is said to be in talks with executives at Fred Perry to produce her own range and has already come up with a series of sketches of her ideas, according to The Sun.

A source tells the publication, “She was almost childishly excited and couldn’t stop talking about it.”

RIP Mr. Blackwell

Image :: Reuters

The fashion fraternity is saying goodbye to another stalwart.

This time, it’s Mr. Blackwell, famed for his worst-dressed lists.

No doubt some celebs are breathing a sigh of relief.

Reuters reports:


Mr. Blackwell, the fashion maven whose annual “worst-dressed” list could be the bane of Hollywood celebrities, has died at age 86, according to media reports on Monday.

Richard Blackwell, born Richard Selzer, had been in failing health for some time and in August was reported to be in a coma after a fall at his Los Angeles home.

The Los Angeles Times quoted his publicist Harlan Boll as saying the former actor and fashion designer died on Sunday afternoon in hospital of complications from an intestinal infection.

Blackwell issued his “worst-dressed” list for 48 years and it became watched around the world as much for his caustic quips about the stars’ fashion as for who made the list.

Last year he put British “Spice Girls” singer Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham at the top of his list, saying: “…in one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty ‘Posh’ Beckham can really wreck-em.”

In the No. 2 spot was British soul singer Amy Winehouse and just behind was U.S. actress Mary-Kate Olsen who, he said, “resembles a tattered toothpick trapped in a hurricane.”

For 35 years, Blackwell had his own clothing line. He was also acostume designer who worked with Hollywood stars such as Jayne Mansfield and Jane Russell.

View a slideshow created in his honor.