PETA Rains on Twins’ Parade

I don’t know how true it is but reports this morning indicate Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had a horrible book signing experience.

According to WENN, angry protesters bombarded the TV twin when they showed up to launch, “Influence” on Tuesday.

Fans lined up to meet the 22-year-old moguls, who were celebrating the release of their new coffee table book, Influence, on Tuesday.

But the pair were stunned to find animal rights activists shouting outside the event – part of a campaign launched by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) against the stars for their fashion choices.

A PETA spokesperson tells WENN: “People who still wear fur haven’t woken up to the fact that a big, dead animal on your back makes you look like a troll.

“Compassionate fashionistas know that real beauty comes from the heart – something that the Trollsen Twins seem to lack, considering all the animals they’ve killed for their clothes.”


PETA Not Pleased with Armani

After adding Armani to its list of fur-free designers, PETA is lashing out at the designer.

According to the activist web site, Armani’s newest collection is a contradiction of his statements to TIME magazine last year.

PETA representatives say the fur-trimmed jackets, fur-hemmed skirts, floral-printed fur coats, and fur-trimmed snowsuits for babies don’t cut it.

Armani has an odd obsession with rabbit fur, and two weeks ago, he refused to meet with PETA Vice President Dan Mathews in Milan to see disturbing undercover video footage of rabbit fur farms. Since Armani has refused to hear animals’ side of the story, it is now time to see if he will listen to the public.

Take a look at PETA’s stance on the matter.