Old School Converse Kicks Make Comeback


It’s always fun to watch yesterday’s top trends rebound on today’s fashion scene.

One such brand is Converse, which has launched its Weapon Evo–featuring the Star Chevron logo worn by superstars during basketball’s “Golden Age.”

Parent company Nike has also announced  that the Star Chevron will now be the primary logo on all Converse basketball footwear.

Where to get the Weapon Evo?

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Lupe Fiasco Designs Shoe for Converse

Lupe Fiasco for Converse
Converse’s partnership with (RED) always inspires us.

This time, they’ve rounded up rapper Lupe Fiasco,  The Edge of U2 and an impressive list of other artists to design their All-Star footwear.

The exciting new collection of designs for Spring 2009  will be available starting Feb. 1.

This is the last collection in the 1HUND(RED) Artists footwear.

Each artist’s original designs were inspired by Converse 1HUND(RED) Artist’s goal to help fight AIDS in Africa.

When you see them in stores, consider buying a pair–if not for you, for someone you love. :)

Depending on the products sold 5 – 15% of the net sales of CONVERSE (PRODUCT) RED shoes goes directly to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Geneva, Switzerland).



Converse Brings Artists Together As Part of Century Celebration

Converse, the creator of iconic shoes including the Chuck Taylor® All Star®, Jack Purcell® and One Star®, has brought together the talents of Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D., Santogold and Julian Casablancas as part of the brands Century celebration.

The artists recently joined forces to create a brand new, all original music track, My Drive Thru.

The track’s gonna be distributed digitally free of charge to a global audience exclusively on converse.com.

It will be released on Tuesday, June 10.

In addition to collaborating on the track, the artists also participated in the creation of a music video that will be released during the summer.

You’ll also see the song being promoted in Converse print, outdoor and online ads tagged Three Artists, One Song.