The Art of Packing

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Last week, for my big move to Washington, DC, I packed what seemed like my entire life into three suitcases. So much that it barely seemed legal by airline industry standards.

That said, I was relieved–yet a little disappointed–when I got word of Louis Vuitton’s Art of Packing guide. Disappointed only because I wish I had discovered this feature way earlier!

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How To :: Make A Turban

In the Summer,  I tend to feel a little more creative than usual.

More nail color fun, more sunglasses fun, more colorful fun.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to switch up my accessories a bit, especially on bad hair days.

After what seemed like a gazillion searches for tutorials on making a turban, I finally hit jackpot with this vid. It’s super-quick and offers plenty versatile options.

Hope you’ll enjoy and find it useful!