Five Fab Must-Haves for Fun in The Kitchen


There’s no argument. Cupcakes are the dessert du jour.

Cupcake shops and businesses seem to be popping up everywhere. From the strip mall in my hometown on the South of Barbados to the bustling streets of Georgetown in Washington, DC, let’s just say the whole world has gone cupcake crazy.

On Friday, out of the blue, I ventured into Georgetown Cupcake on the corner of 33rd and M Streets. A hot spot, no doubt, because it was founded by the stars of TLC’s “DC Cupcake.”

As usual, the line snaked through the shop but service was quick. After I sat to indulge in my vanilla² goodies, I spotted the flyest pink bedazzled stand mixer sitting atop a shelf.

And there began the inspiration for today’s post: things that make baking completely appealing–even for people who suck at it.

From blinged-out appliances to sparkly, edible goodies and kitchen fashion, here are my five picks for making domestic work fun and fabulous again.

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