LA Gear Making A Comeback


I can’t believe people are gonna be wearing these again!

From 1989-1990, the Unstoppable line from LA Gear was all the rage.

Now in 2009, the sneaker company has seen it fit to do a limited edition release of the Stardust in the US.

Available in five colors – light grey, white/blue, white/grey/green, white/lilac/green, and light pink, they still have the signature rhinestones and bow-tie in the back.

Apparently, the limited edition run only consists of 89 pairs and went on sale Wednesday night. Check them out.

LA Gear is Back!!



I can-NOT believe this!

The sneaker brand LA Gear is back.

The company’s new line of sneakers has revived many of the brand’s signature styles from the Unstoppable line, while updating some colors and materials.

The collection releases today in-store and online only at Sportie LA, with “select retailers” entering the mix next month.

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