Model City Wraps Up With Fashion Week Finish

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I shared deets when “Model City” was premiering, so why wouldn’t I now that the season is ending?

April 1, 8 p.m. marks the eighth and final episode of the reality show’s first season on CENTRIC.

After taking us inside the very colorful lives of Ibrahim, Wendell, Nelson, Henry, Zeric and Salieu, the season will end with the guys ripping the runway at New York Fashion Week.

CENTRIC says Tyson Beckford will also put in an appearance in a mentorship role. Wendell is also tipped to finally confront Ibrahim about their past issues.

If you missed a few episodes and need to catch up before Wednesday,check out the Model City web site.


All-New Reality Show “Model City” Premieres Thursday

Today, I got a sneak peek of the models starring in CENTRIC’s new reality show, “Model City,” which I’m happy to share with you.

I’m sure it’s safe to say that a good few women will be tuning in when it premieres February 18 at 8 p.m. EST.

The 30-minute show is the first docu-series its kind, tracking minority male models, Wendell, Ibrahim, Nelson and Zeric, as they try to be successful in the fashion industry.

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