PR Talk: Can Celebrities Really Sell Clothes and Cosmetics?

Leona Lewis x The Body Shop

I’m a PR girl. So I’ve got a thing for designer collaborations and celebrity partnerships in the beauty and fashion worlds. Yes, I think thing is the right term.

Recently, I’ve been doing research for school on whether they work or not. Does an H&M partnership with Karl Lagerfeld bring more store sales? Or does a Madonna and Macy’s pairing create magic on the bottom line?

It looks like the jury’s still out on how much high-profile collaborations mean for business in the end.

But as a consumer, here’s what I think: they’re fun to shop, explore online and help me discover new design talent and hidden celebrity talents.

Enter the most intriguing collaboration announcements and comebacks du jour.

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Doing Spring with Dior!

Dior definitely put me in a Spring kind of mood with its “New Look Gris Montaigne” video, released on Wednesday.

A sneak peek of what we can expect from its beauty brands for Spring 2011, it’s all about shimmer and shine.

The collection is inspired by the colors of the legendary 30 Avenue Montaigne Dior address, according to the fashion house.

Just like Dior intended, it’s made for girls intrigued by the spirit of Paris–and just perfect for those of us who can’t be there right this minute.

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