Sex And The City’s To-Die-For Shoe Line

Today, I made THE cutest fashion find in the HBO Sex and The City store.

The e-tailer has in its inventory a delightful collection of SATC-inspired foldable after-party shoes.

The flats, embellished with beads, bows and gems are named after the leading ladies of the motion picture: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

Retailing at $64.99, they are absolutely to die for. Now let’s just hope they’re as comfortable as they look.

To snap up a pair in homage to SATC, click here.



I Still Hate Carrie Bradshaw and Someday When All These Women Have Bad Backs You Will Too

Fox Business blogger, Cody Willard, is on an I-Hate-Carrie tirade.

He writes:

To reiterate my rant’s main point — urban single women take the fantasies put forth on this TV show and think that they somehow should base their own lives and base the rationalizations of their own lives’ actions on it.

In Style’s Katrina Szish and many other urban women let me know that they think I’ve got it backwards…that the show’s successful because it’s based on the actual lives of urban single women.

Fact is, it’s impossible to tell what’s based on what at this point because the show itself has become such a full-on ingrained part of our culture. But when everybody tells you that “Everybody’s got a Miranda and a Samantha in their life”, somebody’s gotten confused about reality and fantasy.

I gotta tell you guys though, that after seeing the endless parade of stilettos running around Soho this weekend, I’m more convinced than ever that Sex and the City and the drunken, loose, high-fashion times that it showcases is the chicken to the egg that’s causing a lot of the drunken, loose, high-fashion times that so many urban single women are choosing to live.

Don’t get me wrong — I tend to like the way a woman looks when she walks around with her heel up propped four inches off the ground. But I recall many a women lamenting to me over the years about how the most unrealistic aspect of Sex and The City is how Carrie’s always walking and running around the city for hours on end in her four inch stilettos…


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