Beauty Buzz :: In Love with Lilacism

Today, I walked the corridors of my local mall in search of a cool, summery nail color. I wasn’t looking for neon, bright or bold. I wanted something cool.

In an unexpected twist–after making stops at several beauty stores–my search came up empty. There were plenty shocking shades, not enough subdued.

Little did I know that Lilacism by Essie was waiting in the aisles of Target. For a small spend of $7.79, I got the end result I was hoping for–an absolutely calming hue to round out Summer!

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My fav nail lacquer brand of all time has outdone itself!

First, it’s revealed that Katy Perry and Serena Williams will release their own line of polishes under the OPI brand. Launch date is set for January 1, 2011.

The nail color company is always heralding the debut of “Shatter,” an amazing nail lacquer that will surely come in handy for finishing off an edgy / rocker-chic look.

Check out the vid for all the exciting deets!

OPI Gets Social

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=OPI&iid=2797103″ src=”c/6/8/0/PicImg_The_Rock_the_4050.jpg?adImageId=12992368&imageId=2797103″ width=”380″ height=”248″ /]

One of the world’s fave nail color brands has finally made its way on to Facebook and Twitter.

Preceded by a whole lot of hoopla on, the social networking accounts were added Saturday, and are already serving up delicious nail color tidbits.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts mean more insight into the brand, which has been wooing fans with clever color naming and vibrant colors since 1981.

Click here to follow OPI on Facebook, or here for their Twitter account.