Discovered: OPI Heaven in Barbados


I’ve just returned to Washington, D.C. after a quick trip to Barbados.

Needless to say, I always have a great time at home–especially when there’s fashion and beauty involved.

Enter Mozaic, a neat store on the island’s West Coast, hereby nicknamed “OPI Heaven.”

It features ceiling-to-floor OPI products–from nail color to GelColor to the delightfully delicious Avojuice Skin Quenchers Lotions.

What did I love about Mozaic?

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Beauty Buzz :: In Love with Lilacism

Today, I walked the corridors of my local mall in search of a cool, summery nail color. I wasn’t looking for neon, bright or bold. I wanted something cool.

In an unexpected twist–after making stops at several beauty stores–my search came up empty. There were plenty shocking shades, not enough subdued.

Little did I know that Lilacism by Essie was waiting in the aisles of Target. For a small spend of $7.79, I got the end result I was hoping for–an absolutely calming hue to round out Summer!

Tip: Need to shop more colors like this online? Check out the selection at