Are You Ready to Own A Dog? Lessons from My Weekend with Dingolay


I used to imagine myself sauntering around with an impeccably groomed, cute-as-a-button, pint-sized puppy peeking out from my handbag.

Last week, I volunteered to help my friend Ayanna dog sit her super-cute pet, Dingolay (pronounced ding-go-lay). And after spending two days with my “god-dog”, I’ve been wondering: Am I ready to be a pet owner?

If you’re reading this and considering buying a dog, allow me to assist by sharing a few things you might want to think about before you drop bills on one.

Do not get a dog if…

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Paris Hilton Launches Limited Edition Sunglasses Line

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=paris+hilton&iid=7465848″ src=”1/a/4/3/Paris_Hilton_Mourns_ed5d.jpg?adImageId=8903003&imageId=7465848″ width=”234″ height=”322″ /]

HUGE sunglasses have long been a trademark fashion accessory for Paris Hilton.

So it was probably only a matter of time before the socialite launched a line of her own.

Available at Kitson Boutique at $150 a pop, the  limited edition sunglasses mirror Paris’ style, branded with a chihuahua on the arms.

“That’s Tinkerbell,” she confirmed Friday on Twitter.

Check out the collection here.


Kimora, Pet Lover

If you see Simon Cowell’s and Baby Phat founder Kimora Lee Simmons’ images in the neighborhood, it could be PETA’s brand-new Dog Doc Animal Birth Control (ABC) bus.

Emblazoned with the tagline “Simon Says: Get Your Dogs and Cats ‘Fixed,'” the clinic offers sterilizations, basic exams, fecal tests, skin scrapes, and tests for parvovirus, FIV, feline leukemia, and heartworms for minimal costs.

This follows Kimora’s bare-it-all “Be Your Dog’s Angel” ad, which urges people to take better care of their dogs.