Fall 2010 Trend Alert :: Two-Tone Makeup

You may have noticed by now that the two-tone makeup trend is very now.

So when I came across this how-to video from Sephora, I had to share.

Definitely something I’ll be trying this Fall–on the eyes, that is. I’ve decided that on the lips, this trend means no eating under any circumstances whatsoever, and all-round air kisses for everyone. In one word? Impractical.

Watch the vid. You’ll see what I mean.


Summer Trend Alert 2010 :: Nailing It!

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=katy+perry+nails&iid=8556655″ src=”http://view2.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/8556655/katy-perry-mixes-native/katy-perry-mixes-native.jpg?size=500&imageId=8556655″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

Fun and sultry nail colours are a major trend this season!

We’ve seen celebs sporting everything from funky brights and metallics to patterned and minx nail styles, on and off the red carpet. Our favs include Annalynne McCord, Serena Williams and  Scarlett Johansson.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=annalynne+mccord+nails&iid=9024763″ src=”http://view3.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/9024763/annalynne-mccord-neon/annalynne-mccord-neon.jpg?size=500&imageId=9024763″ width=”120″ height=”175″ /][picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=serena+williams+nails&iid=8964735″ src=”http://view1.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/8964735/serena-williams-french/serena-williams-french.jpg?size=500&imageId=8964735″ width=”120″ height=”175″ /][picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=scarlett+johansson+nails&iid=9112837″ src=”http://view2.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/9112837/scarlett-johansson-the/scarlett-johansson-the.jpg?size=500&imageId=9112837″ width=”120″ height=”175″ /]

This summer, I’m spicing up all of my favourite looks with fun shades of nail lacquers, to make any outfit pop.

Read more for my summer must-haves that’ll add fab to your fingertips!

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