Young Celebs’ Chanel Obsession

Chanel–an undeniably classic fashion label–has got my attention during the past few days.

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen young celebrity after young celebrity rocking the brand more often than usual during the past few days.

Spotted have been Nicky Hilton, Solange Knowles and Lily Allen adding their own touch to luxury accessories.

In addition, Kim Kardashian and La La Vazquez got the photogs’ attention shopping at the Chanel store on Robertson Blvd in LA.

It doesn’t hurt to know that Lily Allen, is the new face of the fashion house’s new handbag line, Chanel Coco Cocoon, which launches October 2009.

Solange Hits the Beach!


Solange recently joined a whole bunch of celebrities on the beach.

They were celebrating Op’s “Summer of Music.”

The popular beach clothing brand managed to get the “I Decided” singer, AnnaLynne McCord, Sophia Bush, Joel Madden, Brody Jenner, Cody Linley and Bow Wow together.

The cast rocked out to a Good Charlotte concert, while the photog snapped a great load of pics.

You’ll see a whole lot of them being featured in advertising for Op, which is being carried at Wal-mart stores.



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Grammy Fashion Roundup

  1. We missed Rihanna and what we’re sure would have been a show-stopping red-carpet look.
  2. Mimosa, named the color of 2009, made the Grammy Awards sunny. (see Solange, Paula Abdul and Natalie Cole)
  3. Natalie Cole looked fabulous; Can’t believe she’s 59!
  4. Jennifer Hudson was beautifully classic — on stage and on the red carpet.
  5. Katy Perry’s bubblegum-colored dress was very, well, Katy.
  6. Both Katy’s and Paula Abdul’s dresses were designed by Basil Soda — a Lebanese designer.
  7. Leona Lewis’ dress … was something wrong with the bust line fit, or was it just me?
  8. Estelle’s red carpet outfit — out of this world.
  9. While we’re chatting about Estelle, let’s talk about her and Kanye’s coordinating on-stage outfits. 80’s fun!
  10. Lisa Rinna – daring, to say the least.
  11. Kim Kardashian’s dress showed lots of character. Thought it was cool.
  12. Did I mention that we missed Rihanna?
  13. Paris Hilton’s outfit – colorful; her shoes were très sparkly and Wizard-of-Oz-esque, except they weren’t red.
  14. M.I.A. was pretty in her red-carpet preggers dress. Prayed to God she wouldn’t go into labor there on the stage in her polka dot preggers ensemble.
  15. Kathy Griffin’s outfit was ordinary — not like I didn’t expect that.
  16. Audrina Patridge was elegant.
  17. Can’t help but wonder if Janelle Monae’s styling team will ever consider a girly look.
  18. Can’t imagine the effort that must’ve gone into the detailing in Carrie Underwood’s dress.
  19. With all the rumors of bankruptcy, and of Simon Cowell having to pay for her house, Fantasia looked just fine.
  20. Jordin Sparks’ chose Arizona fashion designer, Debra Davenport, to make her dress. Thought the fabric was a bit busy but it was a good fit.

Red Carpet Looks from 51st Grammy Awards

Don’t you just love awards season?!

Tonight we’re tracking looks from the 51st Grammy red carpet.

Check ’em out!

More pics after the jump.

M.I.A. Grammy Awards Press Room

M.I.A (Backstage)
Image :: AP Photo // Matt Sayles

Jordin Sparks - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Jordin Sparks
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello

Fantasia - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Fantasia Barrino
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello

Natalie Cole - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Natalie Cole
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello 


Solange Knowles
Image :: REUTERS // Danny Moloshok

Paula Abdul - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Paula Abdul
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello

Katy Perry - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Katy Perry
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello

Paris Hilton - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Paris Hilton
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello

Jennifer Hudson - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Jennifer Hudson 
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello

Leona Lewis - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Leona Lewis
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello 

Carrie Underwood - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Carrie Underwood
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello 

Estelle - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello 

MIA - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello

Kim Kardashian - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Kim Kardashian
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello


Phoebe Price - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Phoebe Price
Image :: AP // Chris Pizzello  

Audrina Patridge - Grammy Awards Arrivals

Audrina Patridge
Image :: AP //Ch

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Solange’s Style Gets A Failing Grade


I’ve said a couple times  before that I think Solange’s style is interesting – intriguing at times.

Little did I know that someone else out there in the fashion blogosphere was watching Beyonce’s little sister closely.

But as ’08 rounded out, their review of the singer’s fashion was less than flattering.

Whatever Solange Wears, Do the Opposite. When your sister has invented a split personality just so she can wear a metallic robot hand, and you still look more cracked out than she does, something is terribly wrong. Solange Knowles spent 2008 promoting her album in an eye-searing collage of feathers, giant beads, ruffles, and hot-pink leggings with elephants on them — all of which felt like sad attempts to wrest public attention from her older sibling. Couldn’t she just take a cue from Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and steal Beyoncé’s thunder by marrying a rocker and naming her kid Hakuna Matata or something? At least babies are cute.


Read more from the Fug Girls’ blog entry, Ten Things We Learned From Celeb Fashion in 2008.

Looks from Fashion Rocks

Elizabeth Banks and Rihanna arrive at Fashion Rocks. Images by Reuters and AP.


Mary J. Blige, Miley Cyrus and Solange perform. Images by AP and Reuters.


So we can’t wait until Fashion Rocks airs on Tuesday, September 9 at 9 PM EST on CBS.

Meanwhile, we’ll settle for pics of the celebs who attended and performed at the mega fashion event.

Also, check out the Fashion Rocks Live web site, featuring “Rihanna’s Fashions,” and taking a peek at Celebrity Fashion Lines.