Dear Janice Dickinson, I’ve Missed You!

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Crazy as it seems, I miss Janice Dickinson!

Moving from TV show to TV show in a fashion almost as erratic as her personality, the original supermodel has been MIA for a minute. Turns out there’s a good reason why…

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Naomi Campbell to Visit Oprah for Tell-All Interview

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On Tuesday, May 4*, I’ll be tuned in to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” — no question about it!

That’s the date supermodel Naomi Campbell joins Oprah for what sounds like a tell-all interview.

According to an official release from the show, in the episode, Naomi reflects on her 25 years in fashion and comes clean about all the rumors, from her alleged temper to her new billionaire boyfriend.

Hands down a must see!

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*Editor’s note: Although press release information from “The Oprah Winfrey Show” suggested a May 4 2010 air date, the Naomi Campbell interview was broadcast Tuesday, May 3 2010.