Scenes from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Today marks the end of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, featuring 2010 collections from the globe’s leading designers.

Check out these summery looks from Mara Hoffman, most recently showcased on the red carpet by Venus Williams at the 2009 ESPY awards.

The designs really do catch your attention with their colorful psychedelic prints and unique silhouettes, don’t they?

Forever 21’s Swimwear Collection


As the temperature rises and spring trends roll in, recessionistas are looking at quality and cost.

So when I heard Forever 21 was launching a swimwear collection, I figured it couldn’t be such a bad thing.

I finally had the chance to look at the pieces and I am un-im-pressed !

(OK, not all of them are horrible, but most are disappointing).

Maybe that’s what you get for pricepoints ranging from $13 to $23.

Who knows?!

I should point out, however, that the web site says more items are coming soon. 

Let’s hope it gets better!

Who’s Paris Wearing?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

By now, you must have seen the recent Paris Hilton (McCain) political-ad video spoof.

And some people have been wondering where they can get the swimsuit the heiress was wearing.

The monokini was made by Geftaki Swimwear; it was bought in Los Angeles at Lisa Kline.

And if you’re thinking buying one will set you back a bit, maybe it won’t.

Geftaki Swimwear retails for $45 – $135.