Ask An Expert: Fitness, Food and Weight Loss Tips for Girls on the Go


It seems like more than ever, everyone is fitness-conscious. From T25 to hot yoga; no carbs to raw foods, it’s a dizzying weight-loss world out there.

So I invited Dr. Donna Matthew of Caribbean Weight Loss Clinic and Spa to share her advice.

In this interview, Donna, a medical doctor with 10 years of experience, dishes on how to choose a diet, the foods we should eat more of, and how to fit into that New Year’s Eve dress.

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Discovered: Best Healthy Recipes

Photo Credit: …-Wink-… via Compfight cc

I’m not fat but I’m unfit. Mainly because after leading a meatless lifestyle for five years, my eating habits still left a lot to be desired.

Let’s blame it on late-night meals, a weakness for carbs and a sweet tooth (man, I love cupcakes!).

Recently, I created a new formula to curb my crazy eating: one dining-out day per week–if I must; fewer sugary treats; drinking more water; leading a more active lifestyle. Why? Because there’s nothing fabulous about feeling or looking unfit.

So I’ve committed to cooking more, which demands creativity in the kitchen. And let’s face it, I’m no Emeril or Martha Stewart.

Hence today’s post: five of the best sources and websites for healthy recipes I’ve discovered.

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J-Hud Covers Hometown Mag

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Whoaaaa! Jennifer Hudson, Weight Watchers spokesperson, has got to be making that company money.

The singer / actress showed off her ah-mazing figure at an event for Michigan Avenue magazine on Tuesday. I dig the gloved look, too.

Jennifer, a Chicago native, also performed in celebration of  the publication’s two-year anniversary.

She is featured on the cover of Michigan Avenue’s September issue.

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