Michelle Obama :: Glam in The Garden

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Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama got glam in the White House garden.

She joined DC school students to harvest vegetables, while donning a pair of studded rubber boots and overall, a pretty chic getup.

Read more for pics of the First Lady in all her flyness.

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First Lady Wears Same Dress Twice…And We Love It!

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Even First Lady Michelle Obama wears the same dress twice!

Wednesday at a White House picnic, she was spotted wearing the Tracy Reese Shirred Frock in Indigo Placement Floral.

That’s about two months after she donned the same dress while arriving at the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City in April.

And do we mind? Not at all! She’s on trend with floral print, fabulous and fly! Loves it!

P.S. If you want to steal Mrs. Obama’s look, click here.


The Brand Behind Michelle Obama’s Bling

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Now that we’ve all accepted that First Lady Michelle Obama was an image of perfection at the State Dinner on May 19, it’s time to zoom in on her look.

And of course, I choose to begin with the bling.

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Michelle Obama Dazzles at State Dinner

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First Lady Michelle Obama was absolutely stunning at an official State Dinner at the White House yesterday.

She and President Barack Obama hosted President Felipe Calderon of Mexico and his wife Margarita Zavala at the event.

The blue one-shoulder gown was by Peter Soronen, the Associated Press reports. It is the fourth gown by the designer she has worn.

Read more for all the photos.

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